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Irene R. Siegel, Ph.D.
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Shamanic Meditation and Healing Groups

Shamanism is a 100,000 year old tradition of knowledge. The Shaman is the keeper of an ancient tradition and body of healing knowledge. They were the first healers, responsible for the health and well-being of their community. A Shaman is a medicine man or woman, a healer who works with spirit and mediates between spirit and our ordinary world. The Shaman enters the non-ordinary reality through meditation and connects to his or her own power source and power animals.

Using the American Indian Medicine Wheel as a living tool, the Shaman initiates a self healing process that leads him or her on a journey into the spiritual world. We will use the Medicine Wheel as a learning tool, just as the Shamans have done for ages. We are going to be calling on the spirits of the Four Winds to guide us through our journey. We will travel to each direction of the Incan Medicine Wheel through meditation, and call upon the spirit of that direction. We will call upon the Serpent in the South, the Jaguar in the West, the Eagle in the East, and the Horse in the North. These are the archetypes of the nature world, the original energy forms from which all else in nature has been modeled. Calling upon these spirits allows us to tap into an ancient historical image of the major forces of nature. It's very important to bring the archetype into the moment and connect with it deeply, and the way to do this is by giving it form.

The focus of the group is learning the ancient healing practices of the Native American Indian. These practices are being used in our society today. Drumming, breathing and meditation will open the doorways to this ancient body of knowledge. We spend 4 weeks in each direction of the wheel, and new members are welcome at the beginning of each direction. Come join us on this incredible path of personal power. For registration and further info, contact us

Mondays from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Fee: $100 per month

Click to listen to the Kerriann and Joe Radio Show - Dr. Irene Siegel Discusses the Shamanic Medicine Wheel

Click below for an introduction to the four directions:

Right Click here and Save Target to download the Shamanic Journey to the East (28 mb mp3 format)

Right Click here and Save Target to download the Shamanic Journey to the South (28 mb mp3 format)

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Right Click here and Save Target to download the Shamanic Journey to the North (28 mb mp3 format)

The Path of the Shaman
Garrison Institute Summer Retreat
June 28 - 30, 2019

presented by Irene Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW

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