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ATTENTION THERAPISTS: Clinical Applications for Awakening Your Light Body

Live Class via Zoom for Light Body Grads

Presented by Irene Siegel, Ph.D.

Friday, July 29, 2022
1-5 p.m.- Eastern Time

Attention Light Body Grads!!

Awakening Your Light Body is a life-changing program that can be integrated into your life and your work. Would you like to learn specific uses of the skills in clinical work? Join me for an afternoon of learning the integration of Awakening Your Light Body with psychotherapy, using EMDR as a treatment modality.

The skills of Light Body can be used in any treatment process, and through each stage of psychotherapy. We will be specifically focusing on the skills of placing radiance and energy transmission as a subtle but powerful support to your clients' process. If you are not a psychotherapist, you may find this session useful in whatever healing practice you provide.

A video will demonstrate the process, and we will practice our skills during the session. This will be an introductory session to this topic, and we will have an opportunity to discuss further needs and training of the participants.

This class will help you:
  • Enhance your knowledge of the clinical applications for Awakening Your Light Body.

  • Apply your skills of placing radiance and transmission of light to your clinical practice.

  • Develop your skills of multi-tracking and using your inner senses to follow the energy and information in the shared field between you and your client.

  • Observe the applications for resourcing, healing, and client transformation.

Be a leader in the integration of this transpersonal healing approach into your clinical practice, creating a powerful 21st Century foundation for transpersonal psychotherapy.

Please register ASAP.

Clinical Applications for Awakening Your Light Body, Friday, July 29, 2022, $99