And The Journey Begins...

Eyes Of The Jaguar (Book)
by Irene Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW
The Shamanic path is found in cultures all over the world. Virtually every "native" tradition has its healers, its wise men and women, its "medicine men" and "witch doctors". These wisdom lineages vary in their preservation, as some Shamanic heritages are nearly lost to us while others survive intact, or very nearly so. The Shamanism of the Andes, the "Incan" tradition, is one of the survivals.

Of course, to obtain these teachings would be impossible if not for the willingness of lineageā‰ holding Shamans to make themselves available to students from the West. We are all fortunate that don Riccardo's visions (that we must become the new caretakers of the Earth) have led him to open up the Incan Shamanic teachings to us.

For this to happen, we must come to re-learn the realm of the Sacred. We must learn to journey beyond the tonal, the daily world of personality and ordered linear reality. We must learn to move within the nagual, the place "where power hovers". We must re-discover the viracocha, the "Creator" of the Incas, which is the field or force that patterns all things and allows us to reach out for "extraordinary health" by bringing ourselves into line with it. We need to learn to walk the "medicine wheel", taking the Shaman's journey from the South to encounter the Serpent and to shed our pasts; to the West to meet the Jaguar and learn impeccability from her; to the North to hail the Masters in their crystal cave and come in touch with the mastery within us; and to the East to summon the Eagle to bring us vision that we may become co-creators in our own reality, true Incas, children of the sun.

"Eyes Of The Jaguar" is a record of one woman's first steps on this path, a life-journey into the Sacred.

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