Learn To Awaken Your Light Body Consciousness

Awakening Your Light Body: Live!

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6 Month Program
(may also be taught individually)

Dates: All classes are required
Each class is held from 1 pm to 5 pm Eastern time

(New Dates)
Session 1: Sunday, October 20, 2024
Session 2: Sunday, November 17, 2024
Session 3: Sunday, December 15, 2024
Session 4: Sunday, January 12, 2025
Session 5: Sunday, February 9, 2025
Session 6: Sunday, March 9, 2025

Attendance is required for each class. Mark your calendars.

You have the unique opportunity to participate in a program of Awakening Your Light Body. Join us in holding a vision that each of us who is awakening our Light Body is adding to and creating a gridwork of light on the inner plane, available to each of us as a source of soul-nourishment, stability, strength, energy, and light. This gridwork of light increases daily in the beautiful, clear, harmonious, radiant, and light-filled energies it contains. Our connection to other Awakening Your Light Body students enhances the purity and strength of the gridwork of light.

Irene Siegel is a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course as developed by Orin and DaBen, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and is teaching the course based on her understanding of it. The course will contain live transmissions of the frequencies of the energy centers as well as the use of taped journeys by Orin and DaBen. We will be using systematic techniques in meditation of frequencies of sound and images in order to activate the energy centers that will lead to the awakening of the light body.


The Light Body consists of ten energy centers, like the chakras but much more powerful. These centers are definite and real, and add a spiritual shimmer to your energy field that is part of an evolutionary step for humanity. As you awaken your Light Body you bring your personality into greater contact with your Higher Self and Soul, and begin to more fully manifest your life purpose on your own unique path. As you begin to hold and radiate more light, you draw to yourself opportunities to make a difference in the world.

You can increase the depth of your experience by learning these centers and playing with these energies in a live class, under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The energies in a live group are stronger than what you can generate by yourself, and the group energy can allow you to go higher, achieve more profound shifts, and grow with more joy and ease.

Awakening Your Light Body can give you greater choice about your emotions and thoughts. You can learn to create states of inner illumination, mental clarity, and an open heart. You can attain deep states of forgiveness and compassion that allow you to release people and events that you couldn't let go of before. You can learn how to use all the energy around you to go higher, harmonizing with and transmuting "denser" energies and staying centered.

Many of you will experience increased psychic abilities and clairvoyance. From the Light Body spaces, you can more deeply and fully connect with your guide and the higher dimensions. You may find greater awareness of, and ability to navigate in, your dreams. The Light Body teaches about power, responsibility, non judgment and respect. The Light Body facilitates the expression of your deepest being, and can empower you to make choices at a level that most people do not believe is possible. As you play in these higher spaces, you add qualities like clarity, balance, harmony and flow to your aura. As you do, you can see them start manifesting in your life.

Each class we will spend some time teaching channeling skills, to help you make a clearer, finer, higher connection with your Soul and guides of light, who are inner teachers here to assist you in your spiritual growth and awakening. We will also explore conscious manifesting: the process of bringing more harmony and smoothness into what you are creating in your life.

The classes will include guided meditations to awaken and work with the vibrational and Light Body energy centers; discourses on integrating and applying these new energies into the issues and structures in your life; question and answer sessions; gentle stretching and physical movement; and some partner exercises to help you get immediate feedback about how these energies work. The expanded states of consciousness we will access, and which you will learn how to recreate at will, make this a course in accelerated spiritual growth. The beauty in all life, and the interconnectedness which is the basis for our shared existence, become more accessible as you awaken and integrate the Light Body energies.


This program is open to anyone who is interested and called to take this transformative program. However, if you are a therapist and interested in receiving additional consultation sessions following the completion of the program to learn how to directly apply these skills to clinical practice, that will be offered at a reasonable fee. More information to come...


Sessions 1 and 2: Physical and Emotional Flow
Learn to work with the first four vibrational energy body centers, which form the power base for your Light Body. Learn to apply these energies to: hold your energy steady and clear; to set a healing space experiencing detachment and unconditional love; to work with projects or issues as energy; and more.

Sessions 3 and 4: Mental Fluidity
Learn to work with the next three vibrational energy centers, which allow you to literally go beyond the thoughts and beliefs that form the basis of your fears and limitations, as if you were walking outside of the room in which you usually live. From here, you can take your awareness through time, into the past and into the future. In these spaces exists the potential for great compassion, forgiveness, and healing. You have the opportunity to liberate yourself from karmic ties and bonds. Learn about the grid work of light that connects and underlies all living things. Explore where ideas come from; what fuels telepathy; creativity and the functions of the higher mind; how merging, blending and detaching occur in relationships; and more.

Sessions 5 and 6: Awakening Your Light Body
Learn to work with the three Light Body energy centers, which enable you to experience yourself more fully as a God-conscious being. This weekend builds on everything you have created to help you open more fully the doorway to your Soul and your Soul's Soul. You will explore more directly the consciousness of the planet, the evolution of life, your connection to the All That Is, and your part in the larger plan. These journeys will bring your entire energy field into a new state of Oneness, flow, and freedom from limitation. As you run these energies, you begin to draw more fully into this dimension the creative work you came here to accomplish, and transform your life by allowing the higher aspects of your Soul to begin to operate more fully on earth.

Online Distance Registration

Registration: $1,500 for the complete program including the 6 volume set of "Awakening Your Light Body Guided Meditation" created by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman.

**Cancellation policy: Full refund through September 15, 2024. Cancellations from September 16 Through September 30, 2024 will be charged $450 cancellation fee to cover the cost spent on materials. No cancellations as of October 1, 2024.

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Awakening Your Light Body: Live! October 20, 2024 - March 9, 2025 - $1,500.00 minus 10% discount equals one payment of $1,350.00
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Step 1 - Awakening Your Light Body: Live! October 20, 2024 - March 9, 2025 - Deposit due at Registration $450.00

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