Light Body Grads - Practice, Practice, Practice

Advanced Transpersonal Consultation Group - For Lightbody Graduates

Presented by Irene Siegel, Ph.D.

Five Sessions via Zoom Video Conferencing



3:30 - 5:30 p.m. - Eastern Time (Adjust for your time zone) Fridays

About the Class

This five session group transpersonal psychotherapy consultation is for psychotherapists who have completed the Awakening Your Light Body program. This group offers a way for therapists to take their clients beyond healing trauma, to helping clients awaken consciousness and reaching their greatest potential. The program integrates the Light Body skills of transmission and placing radiance at a soul level, with psychotherapy skills and techniques within the client session. This creates a truly transpersonal approach to psychotherapy. Applications to the EMDR protocol will be discussed, but the skills are applicable to a variety of psychotherapy approaches. We will discuss creative use of transpersonal resourcing and awareness of energy healing, woven into basic to complex clinical cases. Learn the subtle nuances of creating double vision and working with the clients from egoic to expanded awareness in a multidimensional shared field of coherent energy, within ranges of consciousness taught within the Awakening Your Light Body program.

Class Details
  • The group is limited to 8 participants.

  • Open to all licensed therapists who have completed the program Awakening Your Light Body, created by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. Other than licensed therapists may register upon approval by special request.

  • Case examples using EMDR will be prevalent, but therapists do not have to be trained in EMDR.

  • Please be aware that this is NOT an EMDR training, or an approved EMDR consultation group.

  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone access is required to use Zoom video conferencing.

Suggested Reading

Siegel, I. R. (2017). The sacred path of the therapist: Modern healing, ancient wisdom, and client transformation. New York: W. W. Norton.


This consultation group is a five session package for a total of $375. Register NOW to reserve your spot. Please contact Dr. Siegel via email prior to registration to determine if you have the prerequisites for this class and that space is still available.

**Cancellation Policy: Full refund through September 15, 2022. Fifty percent refund through September 30, 2022. No refunds as of October 1, 2022. All cancellations are charged a $25 administration fee.

Full Payment, $375.00